Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keni's Dress

I made this little dress for Keni when she was born. After making the dress I decided to use the same pattern and make the top to go with it. Then I made a pair of panties too. I didn't have a pattern for the panties so had to make then up as I went along, they turned out cute. I was so glad to run across it when we moved out here to the ranch. I want to get a shadow box to put it in so it can hang on the wall. I will add it to Keni's hope chest.

I planned to post this yesterday but by the time we got home from school I was just sooooo tired. We went to work before coming home and by the time we got home George was already home from work so we got ready for dinner, cleaned the kitchen and I was ready for bed! I was freezing too! So I got in bed, got warmed up, watched a little tv and got a good nights sleep. I sure needed it. Well I hope you all have a great day...Cindy


  1. Oh how cute!! Now I see who got Keni hooked on purple and pink. Adorable!!!!

  2. Thanks Joanne. Do ya think that helped her with her love for the colors? LOL