Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keni's Afghan

I finished the afghan yesterday with time to spare! She will now get it for her Birthday next week. She is still asking for the scrap-aghan and says she will settle for it since I STILL haven't made her the afghan I promised her for 3 years! I'll give her the scrap-aghan too if she really wants it but not until after she gets this one. The purple flowers look blue on here but they are really purple. She got all her favorite colors, pink, purple and the green behind the flowers. It's about time to get ready for school so I thought I would get this sent early. Although I will be home earlier than we get home on Fridays. I am usually only at school until about 11 or 12 at the latest today. Today I go in and help Keni's Teacher from last year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Day. By the way if you stop by be sure to scrool down and find Ruffy and give him a bone or two. He even likes to play ball which is hidden behind the more tag. My dogs bark at him whenever he barks! lol Happy Day...Cindy


  1. WOW - what a beautiful afghan. I love the colors and the flowers. Keni must be so thrilled to have her very own afghan now. Love it!!!

  2. Thanks Joanne. She still hasn't seen it. She has to wait until the 23rd! I know she will be so thrilled she has waited so long for this pattern.