Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Ascot and Scarf

When I finished Keni's Ascot I still had some yarn left so made another ascot. This one is a little narrower. And I still had yarn left so made an itty bitty scarf. It will go to Lindsey. Should be just the right size for her in a few more months. You can see flecks of color better in this pic then in the pic of Keni's. I did end up using all the yarn except a few yards of one of them. That will get thrown back in the odds and ends. I hope to get most of these odds and ends and open skeins used up this year!

We just got home from school about 30 minutes ago. I figured I'd better get right to this before I get busy. It was a beautiful day today. In the high 40's but the sun was shining and it seemed so much warmer. I hope it stays this way for a while without raining or snowing more. For now that's all...Hugs Cindy


  1. Oh I can see that Keni had to fall in love with this set - after all, it's her colors. Very pretty!

  2. Thanks. I really love these ascots. Sometimes a scarf just gets in the way so these are nice because of that plus you can wear them as an accessory and not have to remove it like you do a scarf. hugs cindy