Friday, January 23, 2009

Keni's Ascot

I tried to post this early this morning and all I got was "satellite outage". After two tries I give up and got ready for school. When Keni saw the ascot I made for Judy said said "just lovely". When she saw me working on this one she looked at it and said "not so lovely". LOL When I asked her why she said the color! I really LOVE the color myself. It is one wine colored skein and one called Painted Dessert, lavendar, purple, with bits of colors through out. I hope she ends up thinking it is LOVELY too. She thinks she is modeling it for her "Aunt Joanne", but told me "you know you should have made it in PINK". She hasn't opened her gifts yet so doesn't know it is hers.

I don't know why my camera is taking such dark pics lately. I have lights on and flash and they are still dark. I sure can't figure it out. Well it is nearly dinner time so will go. Talk to you all later...Cindy


  1. Tell Keni that she looks so cute in HER ascot and those PJs are adorable.

  2. Thanks Joanne. Keni does love her pj's. They have pj day at school every now and then and she really loves those days! The only way they get to wear them though is if their class has kept their attendance above 95%. It has been hard with all the flu and chicken pox that is going on around here. hugs cindy