Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I made one of these for Keni last year. She had it hanging from her lunch box all year. I think all the kids that sat near her used it. She was always having to refill! It covers the little Germ-X bottle you get with all the samples back by the shampoo isle at Wal Mart. They are only 50 cents. There is a bigger bottle that is 89 cents and it will fit it too. When it gets empty you just refill from a big bottle. I was afraid the lids might not last long but Keni's it still fine and I have one in my purse that is over a year old and it is fine too.

Well I tried to get on this afternoon when I got home from school but HughesNet must have been too busy because I never could get online. And now that I can it is nearly bedtime. I am so tired. Went to school until noon and then to work. Got home and couldn't hardly stay awake. So I think I will call it a night. I sure hope this works this time. I tired to post and all I got was satellite outage. So had to start all over. Let's see what happens this time. Talk to you all tomorrow...Cindy


  1. those are adorable Cindy. Great Job

  2. These are great - you can clip them on the handle of your purse and it will be handy at all times. Very cute!!