Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Christmas Gift

I took some new pics this morning and wouldn't you know my computer doesn't want to read my camera card again. I will have to pull the power plug like before and hope it will work again.

So, until then I have to go with an older project. I made these a year ago and they were just tucked away in a tub. When working on Joannes 12 Days of Christmas I thought of them. She did plan to have Christmas dinner at her house and I thought they would be really cute holding siverware. So off they went to Florida! They ended up on her Christmas tree since her Dad was not well but hopefully this year she will be able to use them for dinner. If not I bet they are cute on a tree too!

I am getting a cold so I am going to go and fill my vaporizor and go to bed. Goodnight...Hugs Cindy

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Ascot and Scarf

When I finished Keni's Ascot I still had some yarn left so made another ascot. This one is a little narrower. And I still had yarn left so made an itty bitty scarf. It will go to Lindsey. Should be just the right size for her in a few more months. You can see flecks of color better in this pic then in the pic of Keni's. I did end up using all the yarn except a few yards of one of them. That will get thrown back in the odds and ends. I hope to get most of these odds and ends and open skeins used up this year!

We just got home from school about 30 minutes ago. I figured I'd better get right to this before I get busy. It was a beautiful day today. In the high 40's but the sun was shining and it seemed so much warmer. I hope it stays this way for a while without raining or snowing more. For now that's all...Hugs Cindy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dish Soap Dress

I love to give these dish soap dresses as gifts. I made these 6 a couple of weeks ago. Now I need to make some scrubbies and pot holders to go with them. I didn't realize how much I enjoy working with cotton until I work with it for a few days in a row.

It doesn't seem like it is possible but I was looking at my pattern and I made this pattern up 16 years ago. I can't believe it was that long ago! It doesn't seem like I have been here nearly 8 years either. How time flies and more so as you get older! LOL Well I need to get some chores done so I can sit and stitch! Hope you all have a happy day and stay warm, it is still freezing cold here! ...hugs cindy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

George's Projects

I thought you all might like to see a few things George has made lately. On the left and blue and white and a red and white hat. Next 2 pair of slipper socks. The last 2 are hat and scarf sets made with homespun yarn. They all tured out really nice. I guess next time I shouldn't lay them on the afghan on my bed. Right now I am working on a set of placemats. Hopefully I will take the time to take a few new pics of items to share. We have had 2 days off from school for teacher's training. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Well better go and try to get some dinner lined up. Hope you all had a happy day, hugs cindy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Joanne Gift

These are the Go Cup cozies I made for Aunt Joanne's 12 days swap. Had to include one for Uncle Tom too. Keni loves these cups and I usually have to hide a few to have for gifts! I have a new pattern to try when I get the chance and will let you all know how it comes out. We stuffed a couple of packages of hot cocoa and a stir stick (chocolate covered candy stick) inside. Mades a cute little gift. We are having a snowy, windy day. We were under a sever weather alert until 4pm. Not sure if that has changed or not but sure tired of this cold weather! I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday...Cindy

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something Real Different Today

I'm so new to this blogging I didn't know about all this stuff! Lisa left me a challenge on her blog. The challenge was to go to my photo album and then go to the 6th folder and then post the 6th picture. So this is it. This is my sister Judy, Keni and I when we went to Reno a year and a half ago to meet up with Judy and her husband Danny. So now you see how short and GRAY I am!!! LOL I hope you all had a wonderful day...Hugs Cindy

Friday, January 23, 2009

Keni's Ascot

I tried to post this early this morning and all I got was "satellite outage". After two tries I give up and got ready for school. When Keni saw the ascot I made for Judy said said "just lovely". When she saw me working on this one she looked at it and said "not so lovely". LOL When I asked her why she said the color! I really LOVE the color myself. It is one wine colored skein and one called Painted Dessert, lavendar, purple, with bits of colors through out. I hope she ends up thinking it is LOVELY too. She thinks she is modeling it for her "Aunt Joanne", but told me "you know you should have made it in PINK". She hasn't opened her gifts yet so doesn't know it is hers.

I don't know why my camera is taking such dark pics lately. I have lights on and flash and they are still dark. I sure can't figure it out. Well it is nearly dinner time so will go. Talk to you all later...Cindy

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just finished this this morning. After my sister, Judy, saw the short one I made for Joanne she said she wanted one. Since I wanted to try this pattern I figured she would get this one. I really like the way it turned out just wasn't real happy with the botton but had no other choice. I told her to look for a nice wooden button after she gets it and change it. When she does I will have her send me a pic to see the difference.

We are having a wet day. Just drizzling. I would rather it rain and get it over with. Tomorrow is the big day. Keni's birthday! 12 years old! She is having a girlfriend come home and spend the night. I am working on an ascot for her right now. She will get her afghan, now that is going to be a BIG surprise! Then Saturday I told her I would take her shopping and let her pick out what she wanted. She wants pizza for dinner so that will be easy. Just pick it up after school! Joanne, I wish you and Tom were her to join us for pizza. Yes, it's coming from Mama's Pizza! Well gotta go. Hope you all are staying dry and warm...Cindy

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I made one of these for Keni last year. She had it hanging from her lunch box all year. I think all the kids that sat near her used it. She was always having to refill! It covers the little Germ-X bottle you get with all the samples back by the shampoo isle at Wal Mart. They are only 50 cents. There is a bigger bottle that is 89 cents and it will fit it too. When it gets empty you just refill from a big bottle. I was afraid the lids might not last long but Keni's it still fine and I have one in my purse that is over a year old and it is fine too.

Well I tried to get on this afternoon when I got home from school but HughesNet must have been too busy because I never could get online. And now that I can it is nearly bedtime. I am so tired. Went to school until noon and then to work. Got home and couldn't hardly stay awake. So I think I will call it a night. I sure hope this works this time. I tired to post and all I got was satellite outage. So had to start all over. Let's see what happens this time. Talk to you all tomorrow...Cindy

Monday, January 19, 2009


This is one of the placemats I made for Joanne for part of her 12 Days of Christmas swap. They are made on Love or Money looms that I have had for probably 25 years or so. I made them back in July and nearly forgot about them when we were wrapping the gifts. Good thing we needed a couple more packages or I might not have found them in time to include them. lol It takes a couple of evenings to make one placemat. They sure are pretty when they are done. I hope everyone had a wonderful day...Cindy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue Blankie

I made this blanket for Keni when she was born. The little girl is all made in pieces and then put together and added to the blanket. I made a little wall hanging to match. I hope everyone is staying warm and had a great day...Cindy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keni's Dress

I made this little dress for Keni when she was born. After making the dress I decided to use the same pattern and make the top to go with it. Then I made a pair of panties too. I didn't have a pattern for the panties so had to make then up as I went along, they turned out cute. I was so glad to run across it when we moved out here to the ranch. I want to get a shadow box to put it in so it can hang on the wall. I will add it to Keni's hope chest.

I planned to post this yesterday but by the time we got home from school I was just sooooo tired. We went to work before coming home and by the time we got home George was already home from work so we got ready for dinner, cleaned the kitchen and I was ready for bed! I was freezing too! So I got in bed, got warmed up, watched a little tv and got a good nights sleep. I sure needed it. Well I hope you all have a great day...Cindy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lid Potholders

My crockpot lid gets really hot. A year or two ago I found a pattern on the net for little hat potholders. I thought I had printed it out but could not find it for the life of me. Then I figured it wouldn't be hard to make one so got out my lid, cotton and crochet hook and whipped one up. I thought it turned out so cute I made a couple more. Not only cute but comes in really handy. It will fit other lids too not just the crockpot. Time to get the girl up for school so until later, have a Great Day...Cindy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dish Scrubbies

Joanne sent me a box full of Needloft Nylon yarn last year and I made a bunch of dish scrubbies. They are great to use in the shower too to exfoliate your skin. Just rough enough! So before Christmas I was going to make a few more to send as gifts but decided to "dress" them up a little. The outside petals are cotton the center the nylon. I haven't used one yet since I give them all away! But I did hear from Joanne and she said "she won't use hers for dishes because they are too pretty". She said she would try them as coasters. I told her to use them for dishes because I KNOW WHERE SHE CAN GET MORE!!!! LOL I hope you use them Joanne and let me know how they work. Happy Day to all...Cindy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keni's Afghan

I finished the afghan yesterday with time to spare! She will now get it for her Birthday next week. She is still asking for the scrap-aghan and says she will settle for it since I STILL haven't made her the afghan I promised her for 3 years! I'll give her the scrap-aghan too if she really wants it but not until after she gets this one. The purple flowers look blue on here but they are really purple. She got all her favorite colors, pink, purple and the green behind the flowers. It's about time to get ready for school so I thought I would get this sent early. Although I will be home earlier than we get home on Fridays. I am usually only at school until about 11 or 12 at the latest today. Today I go in and help Keni's Teacher from last year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Day. By the way if you stop by be sure to scrool down and find Ruffy and give him a bone or two. He even likes to play ball which is hidden behind the more tag. My dogs bark at him whenever he barks! lol Happy Day...Cindy

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cell Phone Cozy

I made Keni and her girlfriend a cell phone cozy. They loved them. This is the one Keni ordered for her Aunt Joanne. Yes, this was another one of her gifts in her 12 Days of Christms swap. The first one I made with acrylic yarn and then I tried one in cotton and liked it so much better. So from now on they will all be made from cotton.

Right now I am working on Keni's afghan that she says I promised her "for the last 3 years!" Only 3 or 4 more rounds and I can put it together. She will be getting it for her birthday. I better go and get my chores done so I can work on the afghan. Not enough hours in the day! Have a great day and see ya tomorrow...Cindy

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Finished

The scrap-aghan is finished! It fits the top of a full size bed. This picture is not the best. Even with the lights on and flash I didn't have enough light but you can see what it looks like. Keni said it is "the most beautiful afghan she has ever seen!" Not my most favorite but it did turn out pretty. Off to find the next project. Happy Day to all...Cindy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dressed Up Ink Pen

This was another order Keni put in for her Aunt Joanne's 12 Days of Christmas swap. I made the first one and thought it was so cute I made 5 more before I could stop! I found the pattern on the web but had to revise it a little to get it to work for me. But in the end I loved it. The funny part was I showed it to George and asked him what he thought and he said "cute ladybug". Then realized oh no it's a butterfly! Then I showed it to Keni and asked her what she thought. Well just like her dad she said "I love it Grandma, it's a pretty ladybug!" I said "What?" and then she realized she said ladybug instead of butterfly! Two of a kind for sure!!! LOL So now I guess all my pens will need to be "dressed up". Keni wants me to come up with a flower one now. I will be back tomorrow. Maybe I can come up with something Joanne hasn't seen yet!!! lol Happy Day to all...Cindy

Friday, January 9, 2009


I didn't have time to check in this morning before heading to school. One of my favorite items to make is coasters. They are fast and easy and everyone seems to like them when I give them as gifts. Cd coasters are about my most favorite. I have probably made 2 dozen and never seem to keep a set for myself! One of these days! Well I'm tired and dinner is done so I think I will go sit and stitch a little before I get to sleepy. I'm putting together the scrap-aghan. Should be finished this weekend. Until tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great day...Cindy

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa and snowman

I "dressed" up my snowman candy bars last year with a crocheted hat and scarf but this year I added the little bow on the hat which really made a big difference. Then I found the Santa wrapper so had to make him a crocheted hat too. I think I like the snowman better but Santa does look a lot better in person. Until tomorrow, have a great day...Cindy

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On New Year's Day I decided it was time to go through my tubs of yarn before starting a new project and sort out all the partial skeins. When I finished I had a tub of yarn that was just scraps and partial skeins and realized it was time to try and use it up. So this is the first scrap-aghan in progress. It has shades of green, blue, brown, peach, yellow and rose trimmed in black. I don't really like to use black, to hard to see the stitches but decided it was the best color to put it together with. The square are all done, just need to finish the trim and put it together. It should be done in the next few days. Well,off to finish a couple of chores before I can sit down and do a little stitching. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day...Cindy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Leap Into Blogging

I decided to take the leap into blogging as a one stop place to share my latest creations. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite past time is crocheting and knitting. And I do love to "show off" my latest projects. I hope you enjoy and stop by often. To start off I will share the set Keni ordered for her Aunt Joanne to go into her 12 Days of Christmas swap. Fingerless mitts, a hat and a scarf. Well I guess you would call it a scarfette or neck warmer since it really isn't long enough to be a "real" scarf! Have a great day...Cindy