Saturday, March 28, 2009

Go Cup Cozy

Keni had a sub the last week and a half as her teacher had surgery. So on Friday before I left for school I made this for her. I put 2 packs of hot cocoa in the cup. When she opened the bag she was so excited. She said she will use it all the time as she is always buying coffee and burning her fingers. I was so glad she liked it since I wasn't even sure she drank coffee. I also took her a candy bar with a bunny wrapper on it. She loved that one too.

The weather has been so nice. Still really cold in the mornings, like 32 this morning at 8. But 60 later in the day but feels much warmer. And then it is suppose to SNOW again tomorrow!!! Well off to pick up my crochet hook. Hopefully I will find something or make something new to post tomorrow...Hugs, Cindy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Shopping Bag

I found a new shopping bag pattern and had to give it a try. It works up really fast and I really like the handles. I made 2 of them last night! I know the picture is not the best but did not feel like climbing up on my step stool to get a better pic. LOL I am going to keep it really short and say goodnight. Had a long day and I am sooo tired. Bye. Hugs Cindy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dangle Necklace

This is the other necklace Keni wanted me to make. This one does not change flowers like the first one. I will have to get her to model them when she gets home from school. I just made this one this morning so she hasn't seen it yet.

It did snow more through the night but the sun is beginning to come out so hopefully it will all be gone soon. I hope so anyway as our deck is really slick. Well off to find my next project. Hugs, Cindy

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Keni saw this necklace pattern I had printed out and she wanted me to make one for her. She picked the yarn and went for a walk, by the time she got back I had it done. It is made with cotton yarn and works up really fast. It looks really cute on her too! I made the flower so it could be removed and she could add another color of flower if she wanted too. Now to make her some different colored flowers!

It is cold and wet today! We did get a light snow last night, it is gone around the house but you can still see it on the mountains. I haven't checked the weather to see what tomorrow will be like but I hope it is warmer and not so wet!!! I have one more style necklace to make and Keni is waiting for it too! I guess I will go and work on it. Bye for now...Hugs, Cindy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flower for Lindsey

I made this last night. Inside is a 3 liter bottle cap. Inside the cap is a musical button. Fit perfectly! I have a pacifier strap I am going to attach it too. I was looking for some beads to make something for Keni when I came across the musical button. I bought it in Florida so it is at least 8 years old. I could not even believe it would still work, but it did!

The weather has been so nice. 78 yesterday! is suppose to SNOW tomorrow! Not sure I want more snow but we do need the moisture. Keni and I worked in the yard for a while this morning. Now we just need to get George to start up the tractor and get the grass mowed and get the water hose out. Well going to go and look for those beads to work on the project I was thinking about when I found the music button... Hugs Cindy

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Seems like I haven't been here forever! Had a long week last week with doctors appointments and school and I tried to post a couple of times and had satellite problems so just give up. Luckily we have a new modem upgrade coming and maybe that will help. Now if my computer would quit loosing it's virtual memory I would be great.

Ok, enough of that. On to the eggs! I haven't made any of these in years. Just crochet and glue onto plastic eggs. Oh so easy! You can fill with candy, little toys, jewelry, just about any little item. I did make a little chick for one when I lived in Florida and took it to my friend for Easter. She loved it!

Our weather is beautiful! A little nippy when I get back from the bus at 7:30 for my walk but it warms up to about 60 during the day. Perfect if you ask me! My Iris's are all popping out of the ground. The lawn is turning green. My tub of Columbines is full of green and a few lilac bushes have buds on them. I might have to get out the water hose this weekend and give everyone a drink. I hope you all are having nice weather too. Ours is nice but we always get a big freeze in June so no need to do too much in the yard until after that! Hugs, Cindy

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mini Scarf

This is my latest creation. Keni named it the Mini Scarf. I started with the black fun fur one. I love it! Spring pictures are coming up in a week or so and Keni planned to wear the green one but now she says she "will have to decided which one she wants to wear." These were all made with left overs. Keni did say "Grandma you really need to quit making these so fast!" LOL

We started the day out with another snow storm. For a while it looked like a blizzard. Suppose to be nice tomorrow and day after and then more snow. It has really been cold too. Only 38 today. Well gonna go and find something else to work on until bedtime. hugs Cindy

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is one of my favorite doilies to make. Just a shell pattern and works up fast. This one I sent to Joanne. I love her fountain on it. They really look like candles in the pic! I made a couple of pinwheel doilies for Christmas and give them with a candle, I forgot to take pics. Well if I had finished them earlier I probably would have but they were done right at the last minute. They loved them! I really need new glasses and a much better light to work with thread! Going to the eye doctor the 12th so hopefully that will help.

I am tired so will close for now. It was a long day at school. Keni got her report card. She made the honor roll again! She got 2 B's and the rest A's. The one B was an 89%, almost got past it! Bye for now...Hugs Cindy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easter Bunny

I made this little bunny a couple of years ago for Keni to take to her teacher. It was suppose to be a sucker holder but wouldn't you know we didn't have a sucker around the house. So I stuck it on the top of a bottle of water and added a label to the bottle and the teacher loved it. With Easter coming up I need to go through my patterns and find it to make some more.

It snowed this morning. Maybe an inch or so. Now it is melting off the roof and will probably all be gone this afternoon if it stays the way it is. Pretty cold too! I hope you all are dry and warm. Bye for now...Hugs Cindy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is the quilt I made Keni for Christmas last year. Yes, my very first quilt! I have not even used a sewing machine since George was little. No wait, when Lisa (my niece) was little I made her some little dresses. So no sewing for me in many, many years. George is 41 and Lisa is about 5 years behind him. The funny part was I kept it a secret from Keni. We started in September and I only got to work on it one or two mornings a week. That was the only time I had plus my sewing machine just would not cooperate. There were days when I thought I would never get this quilt finished. So by the first of December Keni was asking me when I was going to make something? I had to tell her that Charlene (the lady teaching me) said I did not sew well enough to make anything yet. So I had to keep practicing! She fell for it. When she opened that box for Christmas she was sooooo surprised.

The day started out beautiful and ended up cold and windy. They say more snow tomorrow. I sure hope they are wrong or we have to go through all that mud again! Well time to go. Hugs Cindy

Monday, March 2, 2009


This is the set of placemats I made for Lisa a month or so ago. Half of them were like this and the other half were red in the middle and tied with the yellow. They sure turned out pretty. Each little flower has 3 knots in it. You know what happens when you tie knot after knot? Pretty soon you have a little cut on you finger. So I moved to the next finger. Before you know it I had bandaids on all four fingers! You would think by now I would have learned to put the bandaids on before I start to tie all those knots. Maybe next time I will remember that! lol

It is windy and kinda rainy here today. A little brisk. I was going to go and take a walk but a little too windy and cold and then the rain drops really stopped me! Guess I will go and find something to work on. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Hugs Cindy

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I haven't made too many bookmarks but I really liked how this one turned out. I sent this one to a friend. I really do need to make some more.

I have been trying and trying to remove the gif at the top of my blog but so far no luck. When I put it there I was just testing it not realizing it was a gif. So it looks like you are all stuck with it unless someone has a good tip for me to try. I went to a blog "fix it" forum and made the changes in the html like they said and it did part of what they said it would but still will not change. So I sure hope you all don't get tired of seeing that little House Mouse everytime you check out my blog.

Well only one more week before the dreaded time change. I sure wish they would just leave it alone. Guess that is all for now. Hugs Cindy