Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dish Scrubbies

Joanne sent me a box full of Needloft Nylon yarn last year and I made a bunch of dish scrubbies. They are great to use in the shower too to exfoliate your skin. Just rough enough! So before Christmas I was going to make a few more to send as gifts but decided to "dress" them up a little. The outside petals are cotton the center the nylon. I haven't used one yet since I give them all away! But I did hear from Joanne and she said "she won't use hers for dishes because they are too pretty". She said she would try them as coasters. I told her to use them for dishes because I KNOW WHERE SHE CAN GET MORE!!!! LOL I hope you use them Joanne and let me know how they work. Happy Day to all...Cindy

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