Monday, January 12, 2009

Cell Phone Cozy

I made Keni and her girlfriend a cell phone cozy. They loved them. This is the one Keni ordered for her Aunt Joanne. Yes, this was another one of her gifts in her 12 Days of Christms swap. The first one I made with acrylic yarn and then I tried one in cotton and liked it so much better. So from now on they will all be made from cotton.

Right now I am working on Keni's afghan that she says I promised her "for the last 3 years!" Only 3 or 4 more rounds and I can put it together. She will be getting it for her birthday. I better go and get my chores done so I can work on the afghan. Not enough hours in the day! Have a great day and see ya tomorrow...Cindy


  1. I love it - I no longer have trouble finding my cell phone - I clip it on my purse and it's very handy now. Thanks Keni for ordering this great gift for me. Love you!

  2. We better get busy and make you some in other colors so you can stay coordinated!