Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is the quilt I made Keni for Christmas last year. Yes, my very first quilt! I have not even used a sewing machine since George was little. No wait, when Lisa (my niece) was little I made her some little dresses. So no sewing for me in many, many years. George is 41 and Lisa is about 5 years behind him. The funny part was I kept it a secret from Keni. We started in September and I only got to work on it one or two mornings a week. That was the only time I had plus my sewing machine just would not cooperate. There were days when I thought I would never get this quilt finished. So by the first of December Keni was asking me when I was going to make something? I had to tell her that Charlene (the lady teaching me) said I did not sew well enough to make anything yet. So I had to keep practicing! She fell for it. When she opened that box for Christmas she was sooooo surprised.

The day started out beautiful and ended up cold and windy. They say more snow tomorrow. I sure hope they are wrong or we have to go through all that mud again! Well time to go. Hugs Cindy

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