Thursday, March 19, 2009


Seems like I haven't been here forever! Had a long week last week with doctors appointments and school and I tried to post a couple of times and had satellite problems so just give up. Luckily we have a new modem upgrade coming and maybe that will help. Now if my computer would quit loosing it's virtual memory I would be great.

Ok, enough of that. On to the eggs! I haven't made any of these in years. Just crochet and glue onto plastic eggs. Oh so easy! You can fill with candy, little toys, jewelry, just about any little item. I did make a little chick for one when I lived in Florida and took it to my friend for Easter. She loved it!

Our weather is beautiful! A little nippy when I get back from the bus at 7:30 for my walk but it warms up to about 60 during the day. Perfect if you ask me! My Iris's are all popping out of the ground. The lawn is turning green. My tub of Columbines is full of green and a few lilac bushes have buds on them. I might have to get out the water hose this weekend and give everyone a drink. I hope you all are having nice weather too. Ours is nice but we always get a big freeze in June so no need to do too much in the yard until after that! Hugs, Cindy

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