Saturday, March 28, 2009

Go Cup Cozy

Keni had a sub the last week and a half as her teacher had surgery. So on Friday before I left for school I made this for her. I put 2 packs of hot cocoa in the cup. When she opened the bag she was so excited. She said she will use it all the time as she is always buying coffee and burning her fingers. I was so glad she liked it since I wasn't even sure she drank coffee. I also took her a candy bar with a bunny wrapper on it. She loved that one too.

The weather has been so nice. Still really cold in the mornings, like 32 this morning at 8. But 60 later in the day but feels much warmer. And then it is suppose to SNOW again tomorrow!!! Well off to pick up my crochet hook. Hopefully I will find something or make something new to post tomorrow...Hugs, Cindy

1 comment:

  1. Cindy - I'm sure she was shocked to know that someone thought enough about her to make such a nice gift. Teachers and their aids are so overlooked for their hard work and dedication.
    This is such a great gift - and last a very long time!!
    Smiles, Joanne