Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flower for Lindsey

I made this last night. Inside is a 3 liter bottle cap. Inside the cap is a musical button. Fit perfectly! I have a pacifier strap I am going to attach it too. I was looking for some beads to make something for Keni when I came across the musical button. I bought it in Florida so it is at least 8 years old. I could not even believe it would still work, but it did!

The weather has been so nice. 78 yesterday! is suppose to SNOW tomorrow! Not sure I want more snow but we do need the moisture. Keni and I worked in the yard for a while this morning. Now we just need to get George to start up the tractor and get the grass mowed and get the water hose out. Well going to go and look for those beads to work on the project I was thinking about when I found the music button... Hugs Cindy

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