Sunday, March 22, 2009


Keni saw this necklace pattern I had printed out and she wanted me to make one for her. She picked the yarn and went for a walk, by the time she got back I had it done. It is made with cotton yarn and works up really fast. It looks really cute on her too! I made the flower so it could be removed and she could add another color of flower if she wanted too. Now to make her some different colored flowers!

It is cold and wet today! We did get a light snow last night, it is gone around the house but you can still see it on the mountains. I haven't checked the weather to see what tomorrow will be like but I hope it is warmer and not so wet!!! I have one more style necklace to make and Keni is waiting for it too! I guess I will go and work on it. Bye for now...Hugs, Cindy

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