Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Ugly Duckling

Yes, he is UGLY, but so ugly he's cute! I made this for Keni when she was born. He is 12 years old and still Quacks! I put a "quack, quack, quack, quack" box in him and was so surprised to hear him still working. We sorted through Keni's stuffed animals yesterday and there he was. We are down to one tub of animals again. So have 2 big trash bags to put away. You know she won't part with any of them! I told her she could only keep two out and change them off with 2 others when she got tired of them. Otherwise this girl has them ALL on her bed!

It is really chilly out today. I started to take the trash down to the dumpster but changed my mind. Told Keni it can wait until we go to the bus in the morning. We just finished making Keni's Valentine cards for school. Just have to put the candy in them and they are finished. She had to decorate some kind of box to take to school for her party Friday. She said it was an assignment and would be graded. I'll have to take a pic. She did a cute job on it. Well that's it for now...Hugs Cindy


  1. I think he is cute. It's great that Keni still has it and will be able to save it to show her children.

  2. We found a bear I made for her too Joanne. I need to take a pic of him. I put a film canister in him with some beads in him to rattle. I was really surprised the first time I ran across the two of them. hugs cindy