Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scrappy Scarf

Thursday I decided to make a scarf out of my box of scraps so the "Scrappy Scarf" was born. I finished it last night and of course Keni claimed it! It has 10 colors in the scarf and then more with the colors in the fringe. The only rule was to carry one strand of off white and just reach in and grab a new color when I ran out. If I grabbed the same color as I just finished it was set aside until I grabbed another ball. It actually turned out pretty cute!

So now what do I make? That is the hardest part, the decision! Hope you all have had a nice couple of days. We have had problems and haven't been able to get online the last two days, went over our megabits, so the "fair access policy" dropped our speed down worse then dialup. Sure was happy when I came over here and seen my email was finally working. Well off I go to find a new project...Hugs Cindy


  1. I love it and I always use the Scarf's myself...Love them

  2. I love all the colors - it's adorable!

  3. cindy I would like to have this pattern if you have it-love the scarf

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. The more I see this scarf the more I like it. I can see lots more made up and put into my gift tub, unless my girl "claims" them! lol hugs cindy