Monday, February 2, 2009

Suede Scarf

I bought this suede yarn a couple of years ago on close out at Wal Mart. They sold for $6.00 a skein so never tried it before. I got it for $1.00 each but they only had the beige and dark brown. I finally used some in December to make this scarf. It is not as easy to work with as acrylic or cotton but I sure liked the finished scarf. Nice and soft and comfy feeling.

I understand that groundhog saw his shadow this morning and we will have 6 more weeks of winter! Just what we needed, more cold! Well I am going to go and get some chores done so I can get to work on the placemats I am making. I so want to crochet! But I can't stand to start something when I am working on a project so placemats first! Only 2 1/2 left to do. Yeah! Have a great day all...hugs cindy


  1. I've used this beauty several times and it's so soft and warm. I've had many compliments on it - people especially love the color. But - when they feel it - they fall in love with the softness.

  2. Well maybe I better pull out the rest of it and get some more made up!!! Would you believe with all the scarves I have made I don't wear one of them myself! I wear one Keni had before I started making them for her. I need to make me one!!!! hugs cindy