Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shopping Bags

A few weeks ago I made some shopping bags. I made one to send to Joanne in 2007 but I really like this pattern better. I used some Aunt Lydia's Demin cotton I had bought in Florida and never used. I used to get it at Wal Mart but haven't seen it there for a while now. It is slightly thinner then the cotton I usually use but the balls were big enough to get 2 shopping bags from each ball. They sure will hold a lot. More then I would carry at one time!

We had a terrible storm on Monday. Snow, snow and more snow! And oh so cold! It was 5 degrees yesterday morning. Not quite as cold today but still too cold. We have chances of more snow for the next 3 or 4 days. Sure will be glad when Spring gets here. I haven't been knitting or crocheting for a couple of days and all I want to do it sit down and knit. My carpal tunnel in my left hand has really been bothering me so I have been trying to let it rest up. Not sure how much longer I will go without working on something. I think this summer for sure I need to get it fixed and have it over with. Well time to go and check my email. I haven't even done that for a couple of days. Bye...hugs Cindy


  1. I liked your bag too Joanne until I found this pattern. I will have to send you one to see how you like it. Oh wait, maybe you will get one with your 12 days swap from Keni!lol I know, I know, December is a LONG way off. LOL hugs cindy

  2. Yeah - I know what one of my 12 Days gifts is - YEAH!!!