Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have made a couple of cowls for gifts and while we were at Wal Mart Keni saw this yarn called "Zebra" and decided she wanted a cowl made out of it. They are basically an accessory. You can pull it up over your head if the wind is really bad or as in the second picture give it a half twist and wrap around your neck for a neckwarmer.

Getting Keni to model is so much harder then it was when she was little. Now I have to snap that picture fast before she takes off or she wants to make funny faces at me. I stopped by school today when I was in Battle Mountain to talk to the principal and she was just getting out for lunch so she and her girl friend sat in the van and had lunch. All they could talk about was the Valentines Day dance tomorrow night. She was planning to ask a boy to go!!!!! Now to wait until she gets home to find out if she followed through or chickened out. I will be sure and let you know. Bye for now.

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