Friday, April 24, 2009

The Skinny Tassel Scarf

Still trying to use up some pink yarn. This is 3 shades of pink. 3 crocheted skinny scarves connected in the middle with tassels added. I really like knitted scarves better than crocheted but I do like this one.

The wind is blowing and it is rainy out. Keni said they even got snowed on at lunch recess today! Oh well, it is the weekend and we can stay in if it continues. Time to go and relax and find a new project. It seemed like a long day at school today. Hugs, Cindy


  1. I love them you did a fantastic job on them. Very nice thanks for the share....

  2. What a cute model!!!
    The scarf is really pretty too - love the multi-colors.
    Wow - you still have snow? Yesterday, we went in the pool. :) :)
    Smiles, Joanne

  3. Thanks BlueRose and Joanne too! Yep we still have snow on the top of the mountains. Well we just might have to come and get in the pool with you! lol hugs cindy